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My hometown

I grew up in Cleveland. I always liked it there. I never loved it, but I liked it. I’ve always thought that it has received a pretty bad rap, even as it was coming back to life throughout the ’90s. I am, as hard as it has been for me my entire life, a fan of all Cleveland sports teams. I’ve suffered through heartbreaking seasons, disappointing seasons, and downright abysmal seasons (many of those), but I still count myself among the faithful. I can’t speak for Kristen totally, but I think it’s fair to say that she too is a Cleveland fan… at least as much as a girl from Cortland can be.

With all of this said, I mean no malice by posting these. They are just too funny not to share. The first one is a couple weeks old, and I’ve watched it at least 15 times. I’ve laughed out loud, conservatively, 50% of the time (that’s 7.5 times for those math whizzes out there). The second video was just posted yesterday, and I think is better than the first. Please note that video 1 is NSFW due to vulgarities, but the second video is ok.

Really bad at blogging

So, if you haven’t figured it out by now, we’re really bad at blogging. Mostly, I’m the one that’s really bad at blogging, but since neither of us have posted an update yet this year, I’m not going to take all the blame here.

It’s not like I haven’t wanted to post an update. It’s not even that I haven’t had anything to write about. I’ve had all kinds of ideas I’ve jotted down for the past three months on various sheets of paper I’ve since misplaced or thrown away. (And, yes, it’s been three months since I’ve updated this thing.)  

The problem is that the longer I go without writing, the more pressure I put on myself to say something that’s well written, thoughtful and a REAL update about what’s going on in our lives (and not something like what the Japanese word for watermelon is). I feel bad just posting stuff like this when we never told you about big things like our drive cross-country. And, I’m pretty much writing or editing all day, every day – so the last thing I want to do is write and edit when I get home.  

But, then again, maybe I haven’t updated the blog because I’m pretty lazy after I get home from work, and I tend to procrastinate, which explains why I still haven’t ordered our wedding albums.

In any case, those are my excuses for being out of touch, for what they’re worth.

More updates to come – but probably not for another three months.

What’s the Japanese word for watermelon?

As Jason, Scarlett, Kristen and I wandered around Balboa Park yesterday marveling at the architecture and a super-awesome fig tree, we overheard a young man (age = approx. 5) ask this of his parents.  Not sure why. I’m sure it was totally taken out of context. And we weren’t close enough to hear if his parents even dignified such a beautiful question with an appropriate answer. A kid that asks a question like that is bound to be the next Oprah.

Oh, the answer is Suika.

Jordan and the Giant Peach

I’m sure Roald Dahl won’t mind my hijacking of his title, especially since this post won’t even remotely resemble either the story line or literary genius that is James and the Giant Peach.

Saturday finally came; our chance to watch the Buckeyes live. Despite the chillier than normal temperatures and Kristen’s abnormal aversion to anything below 74 degrees, we bundled up and headed down to Evanston to watch THE Ohio State University put a beat-down on Northwestern. Northwestern has long been plagued with the label of the “smartest school in the Big 10.” While that’s great for things like edumacation and the advancement of human kind, it hurts your chances on the football field. We were able to witness this point first hand, along with a few other OSU fans. It was fun.

Unfortunately for Northwestern, word did not spread quickly enough through campus that they actually had a football team. At least, that is my assumption based on the 70-30 split of fans favoring the visiting Buckeyes.


K, J, and 40,000 Buckeye fans

K, J, and 40,000 Buckeye fans

It has to take a little wind out of your sails knowing that even though you’re at home, everyone boos when you get a first down. Despite all this, Northwestern was able to put up 10 solid points. Solid.

After a few hours in the cold with several thousand scarlet-clad fools like myself (and a few purple warriors), we began the lengthy trip home. There is, as we found out, only one road that leads from the parking lot we found. Those situations lead to a lot of sitting around. Due to my abnormal aversion to sitting in any amount of traffic at all, we stopped by a little Asian noodle house for a late lunch, where I had some slammin’ Pad Thai. I’d let all of my loyal readers know exactly where this was, but 1) I don’t have any readers and 2) I don’t really know. After the noodle house stop, we wandered into a Jamba Juice. Mmmmmmmmmm Jamba Juice. The juices you make are soooo… jamba-y??? 

I made quick work of sucking down my tasty peach smoothie, but had particular trouble with a giant blob in the middle. What was this mystery blob in the middle of my smoothie? Why would Josh the Jamba Juicer place such an obvious obstruction to my enjoyment of this refreshing treat? Why can I not just suck right through this blob?

After many minutes of frustration with my Jamba Juice Blob, I threw in the towel. I had to turn my frustrations to the moron going 20 on the on ramp to 94. They should come up with a way to ban all bad drivers. 15 minutes later, when Kristen was finally fed up with my whining about the giant blob, she took to investigating the blob. Despite the darkness (how the hell is it dark just a couple hours after an 11 am game?), she was quickly able to Sherlock the situation. The blob was in fact a peach. 

I was now at a cross-roads. Am I angry at Josh the Jamba Juicer for leaving an entire peach in my tasty treat, or do I relish the fact that I actually came close to eating a piece of fruit? I went with being angry, as it’s easier to be angry at someone than to eat a frozen peach covered in smoothie goodness.

Home sweet apartment

On Thursday, Jordan and I caught a flight out to SD to start looking for a place to live. We thought we’d barely have enough time, but what we learned is that we were about a month too soon. Apparently, no one wants to commit to short-term renters starting in December this “early.”

So, we resorted to checking out a dozen or so apartment communities in the area, and pretty much everything started to run together by the end of Friday. We eventually narrowed it down and landed on a place, though.

The pluses:

  • We can keep Beezer. Apparently, having a dog is a big no-no for most rental properties.
  • It’s close to my office. Very close. Like, about a mile away. Jordan’s commute to his “office” – i.e., the dining room – will be shorter, though. Beezer refuses to commute anymore.
  • There’s a pool. It’s heated year round. We couldn’t figure out why 78 is “too cold” for people to swim though.
  • There’s a dog park within walking distance.
  • We were able to negotiate a short, four-month lease without breaking out “knuckles.”

The minuses:

  • There’s no ocean view. There’s no canyon view. Come to think of it, there’s really no view at all. We had the same problem in Waukegan though.
  • There’s not a lot of space. It’s a one-bedroom place, and just over 700 square feet at that.
  • It’s expensive. It’s less than one-third of the size of our first home, but it comes with a slightly steeper price tag than our mortgage payment. Hooray California.

All in all, it was our best option. It’s only for a few months, until we can locate that winning lottery ticket we didn’t buy so that we can purchase a small home. That will be a whole different process.

Next up: Figuring out the details with the movers and finding some furniture to rent.

In the meantime, we’re off to dinner overlooking the ocean. I guess life isn’t so bad.

Here we go again…

Quick update for those of you who haven’t been paying attention. Kristen and Jordan moved to the Northern Illinois area in mid-May. Kristen had an opportunity with her company that provided some new challenges, so we packed our bags and headed to beautiful Waukegan, IL. Everything has gone fairly smoothly so far: we made it here, we were able to sell our house in C-bus, J found a job, Beezer only ran away a few times, etc, etc…

Fast forward to present day.

Another quick update. Kristen and Jordan are moving to Southern California. Greater San Diego to be a bit more precise. We don’t mess around when it comes to not settling anywhere.

Another opportunity for Kristen, and how do you say no to San Diego? So we’re on the road again. It looks like we’ll be headed out around the Thanksgiving time frame. We’ll likely head back to OH-IO for a few days, then drive cross-country with Beezer in the back seat. We’ll certainly miss our Eastern and Central time zone friends and family, but hopefully the 370 days* of sunshine every year will help drown some of our sorrows.

UPDATE: I tried to quit my job, but wasn’t allowed. That actually works out really well for us. We will now be packin’ two incomes as we move to So. Cal.; we might be able to afford rent in a medium-sized storage unit. If we both get promotions and raises we’ll be able to upgrade to an apartment! So I’ll be working from home while Kristen goes to work every day.

*Editor’s Note: The exact number of days of sunshine cannot be known because Wikipedia does not have a “days of sunshine in San Diego every yearentry. I looked.