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My hometown

I grew up in Cleveland. I always liked it there. I never loved it, but I liked it. I’ve always thought that it has received a pretty bad rap, even as it was coming back to life throughout the ’90s. I am, as hard as it has been for me my entire life, a fan of all Cleveland sports teams. I’ve suffered through heartbreaking seasons, disappointing seasons, and downright abysmal seasons (many of those), but I still count myself among the faithful. I can’t speak for Kristen totally, but I think it’s fair to say that she too is a Cleveland fan… at least as much as a girl from Cortland can be.

With all of this said, I mean no malice by posting these. They are just too funny not to share. The first one is a couple weeks old, and I’ve watched it at least 15 times. I’ve laughed out loud, conservatively, 50% of the time (that’s 7.5 times for those math whizzes out there). The second video was just posted yesterday, and I think is better than the first. Please note that video 1 is NSFW due to vulgarities, but the second video is ok.